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I turned 21 years old! This past year was the launch of my blog. I hope to travel more and finally become an IT graduate.

Over my 21 years of living, there are few things that I have decided to keep, revamp and get rid of. Listed below are some things you should also be doing if you don’t understand why your 21 isn’t turning out that great (winks)

1. Declutter.

I used to be that girl with an overflowing closet consisting of clothes and shoes that I never wear. I always thought, “hey maybe I’ll wear that someday.” I learned to let go of clothes and make a little more room for my minimal closet.

2. Have a good relationship with your family.

If you haven’t left home yet, take the time to bond with your family because you never know how far apart in the future you will be from them. Of course, there are occasional misunderstandings, clear the air on time

3. Travel often.

Travelling is fun! Travelling allows me to see new places and most importantly… try new foods. Most especially, go on a spontaneous trip by yourself to a country you never had fantasies about! Pro Tip

4. Quality over quantity.

Good friends are hard to come by, especially those that stick with you no matter what. I’ve gotten close with some amazing friends this past year and I am proud to call them life long friends and future partners in crime. If your friends don’t have the same goals or ambition as you, 95% you won’t accomplish yours because they take 90% time asking you why you chose that and you will take 5% pondering if you really should accomplish that goal. Cut ties!

5. Get enough sleep.

I found out that I function best on 7 hours of sleep. Any less and I feel super groggy. Any more and I feel like I have wasted my day. 

6. Watch less TV/Youtube.

This is me advising myself! At least watch TV/Youtube while you are doing something else! I often do laundry or bake snacks while playing Youtube in the background. Otherwise, I could be sitting on the couch watching Youtube  without realizing I just wasted the whole day.

7. School shouldn’t consume you

Finding hobbies outside of school is what lead me to starting this blog. It can be difficult to manage everything at once, but it is possible. Go out and find something fun to do!

Exercise is important and should be a priority in life.

Running is one of my favorite things to do. Exercise really helps take my mind off of everything. Consistency is key!!

8. Multitask when possible.

There’s only so many hours in a day. When I’m waiting for my laundry to finish, I’ll cook. When I’m folding my laundry, I’ll watch Youtube. Be productive!!

9. Don’t settle.

If you think you can probably do better, then wait and don’t be in a haste to settle for leftovers. 

10. Try to buy groceries on sale.

I always asked my mum why she would buy everything on sale, instead of getting what she wants when she wants them, “I got a family to save some money for” she says. Yes, love saving money when it comes to buying groceries, it will save you pockets change for when you get invited for lunch and dinner.

11. Complain a little less.

I complain way too much about school and the little things in life. (still working on this..) but rather than complain about everything that goes on, just let them be. As my mum would say, put water in your mouth and watch with your eyes

12. Pay more attention to small details. Enjoy the simple things in life.

Self explanatory. Sometimes I’m just a very (VERY) rushed person. I need to calm down and look at the tiniest grain of sand if necessary. I am always in a rush. Rush going to school, Rush driving down to a place, Rush driving back home, rush, rush, rush. Keep calm and enjoy the serenes as you drive down/back, as you walk to catch your bus, as you walk down your school street.

13. Take photos to document those memorable moments.

I always have a good time looking back on old photos and chuckling to myself. Taking videos are even better!

14. When there’s no time to make food, fry plantain

This is literally the easiest thing to make and it only takes me 10 minutes or less. Chop some plantains, throw them into a deep hot fry pan or roast them and there you have your meal for the day.

15. Procrastination only leads to stress and sleepless nights.

There have been countless exams where I left studying to the last minute and essays where I left till the day of. I tell myself every time that NEXT TIME I will start studying and writing earlier. This was never the case. 

16. Make a to do list.

Sometimes, I have a well accomplished day in my head before it starts and when it actually does I feel fustrated because I couldn’t remember all I had planned to do.  So to help myself, I write out my plans for the day and check them off as I complete each task. If I am planning a trip, I will make an itinerary and group attractions/restaurants that are in the same neighborhood.

17. Don’t buy random stuff that you don’t need.

I’m that girl that goes into H&M with no intention of buying anything and come out with a bag of random stuff. Stop and ask yourself, do I need it? What do I have planned for this? Save those #cashmoney

18. It’s okay to have a bad day,

Do you know what to do when you have one? Deal with it, because I can guarantee you that tomorrow will not be the same.

19. Never look your health symptoms online.

I mean NEVER. It will only make you depressed and sad and eventually make you ill if not controlled.

20. Learn to let go of people/things.

Growing is constant and ever changing. Refuse to drag everything with you as you grow because they will only drag you down. Never forget people who meant something at the time. You learnt a lot, remember! It’s ok to let them go too, even if you know you will miss them.

21. 21 is expensive, Life can be complicated.

Just dance it off, sing along if you like. If you do have a credit card, make sure your score is good, if you want better things in the coming years.


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