My name is Abijah Nwakanma and I am the founder and editor of Haute Hygge.

After a lot of thought, I decided to name this blog, Haute Hygge (pronounced hue-gah)!  Considering how this is a blog, it really is a culmination of my “comfort with life & luxe style,” so that’s how that word came into play.  Hygee is a Danish word that symbolizes enjoying life’s simple pleasures (comfort), the feeling of well-being, so deeply satisfying and cozy. It is something we all experience, each in our own way. The hygge tradition includes sharing stories—stories about ideas and history, culture and the things we create. Whether it’s with my life, my clothes, hair, or make-up, it’s about how I like to do things, how I like to wear things, etc

So my story goes

Haute Hygee is a Toronto based life and style blog that chronicles my love for effortless fashion, beauty and travel.  More than just a blog, Haute Hygee is my way of exploring, developing and experiencing creations beyond the expected. This blog is an avenue for me to showcase my sense of Style and Personality with regards to the city and culture that surrounds me.

From being a creative outlet to becoming a passion project, It aims to create a space where a Nigerian youth’s style and innovative fashion is celebrated in hopes of inspiring others with various Style choices.

Guacamole Always.

My diet mainly consists of plantain.

K-dramas are B.A.E

I didn’t know what fashion week was up until last year February

“We all have our stories … Here is mine” – A.N

Brand’s I’ve Worked With