Poised so elegantly, you can find her walking down the streets looking for yet another instagrammable wall

After 300 takes, she chooses just one for the gram and pose yet again to take a million shots for the blog

Some call it madness, I call it my Aesthetic!

With the number of various images dominating traditional media, and now social media, it is no surprise that we find ourselves in moments where we compare ourselves – beauty, appearance, wealth, level of success, social status, diet.. the list goes on – to the next person, that seemingly has all of these and everything you could possibly dream of. As much as there are images, I believe there should also be moments to remind ourselves that that’s all they are: images of the other person. However aesthetically pleasing they may be, there is a reality behind them, very normal, and in a lot of cases very relatable, but we do often forget and find ourselves at times not feeling good enough.

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