Its been some while lovelies.

This year is moving on so fast. I can’t believe we have two more months until the year runs out. Whattttttttt????

School, work, life balance as they say is never easy. But I’m hoping to get back my grind.

If you don’t know already, it is fall, and one of my go-to looks in the fall as you all have been seeing around is the bomber jacket. Last year, I was debating whether to get one of those because I thought it would go out of fashion but no no no they are still in and are wonderfully designed.

If you have been keeping up with Elle Trend Fashion Report for the Fall/Winter season No. 18 is Floral. And I couldn’t agree more because the chilly soaring wind around Canada warns us of the coming winter. The petals of this year’s floral trend tell winter tales.

As a result, this Bomber jacket from Zara tell wintery tales to me. The flip side to this is that this jacket can be worn both ways. So, rather than buy two different bomber jackets, why not buy one and wear each side according to how you are feeling.

Dressy or Casual???

Which one do you think Part 1 is?

Wanna see how the back side looks like???

Stay Tune for Bomber Szn Part 2 🙂

Disclaimer: Not Sponsored


Twist Top – Topshop

Joni Jeans – Topshop

Bomber – Zara

Ankle Boots – HM


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