Fall on you

I know you fell (fall) in love, but nobody caught (catch) you

There’s just something about embroidery and the Dr. Martens patent boots that go hand in hand.  As Fall, falls on us this month, it’s not too early to start your embroidery collection.
This time of the year is something I look forward to, chill weather, keeping up with an organized schedule and workout routine, purging my closet, and just trying to get my motivation back up after a very inconsistent summer. In this very moment, I’m stressed out..I’m feeling overwhelmed with school work, trying to play catch up. I’ve got a lot of posts that are long overdue, I can’t help but wish I could clone myself to get this work done.
When I’m feeling over-worked, stressed out, or just on that search for some extra motivation, there are some things that help me out:
1. Take a Nap.
2. Workout
3. Dance your favourite playlist out
Hopefully you’ll find this helpful and success to those of you that are taking midterms. It’ll be over soon enough!



Embroidered Sweater // Vintage High waist jeans// Leather boots


Photographer: Yvanna Khan

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