Has Spring Sprang??

Welcome back 🙂

If you are in Canada, has spring sprung?

So this week has been terrible in terms of weather conditions and school issues. As I am approaching my final weeks, lot of things has to be put in place.

With the warning of freezing rain and classes being cancelled this week ended for me at least on Wednesday.

With my protective hairstyle, I paired my top with my black leggings. As the floor was slippery, it was only right to toss away my short booties and wear my timber boots to provide pressure while walking.

TFW (Toronto Fashion Week) was a blast as you all know. Although I didn’t attend, I can’t help to gush over the outfits. I will be incorporating some of the styles that was featured on my blog posts.

Until then, stay tuned. <3

Hope you are having a great long weekend…

Wedding bells tomorrow – make sure you follow my Instagram to be the first to see my outfit

My Wear:

Top – H&M

Leggings – Ardene

Socks – Roots

Wallet – Kate Spade

Timbers – Timbers


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