Happy Saturday everyone! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I was in London for a day. However short, this trip was a huge success! In my book, if you can accomplish what I did and more in a day, then you are a genius.

Typically when I travel, I go with family and friends and do relatively inclusive activities so that everyone feels happy. While I appreciate seeing and doing things together, sometimes it defeats the purpose of going on vacation to explore everything a destination has to offer because you are stuck playing house. Don’t you agree? This time around, I went alone and I ended up stepping out of my comfort zones a little (ok a lot more) and did things I wouldn’t normally do

For example, I decided to branch out and meet other social media creatives in another continent. While I am familiar with transit system here in Toronto, I walked like a champ and travel miles of journey using the London transit system while tapping my day card like a pro (wink)!  I ended up capturing some photos along the way, which you will see in the photo series below!

Before you start scrolling; if you are in for a day and you want to feel like you have been in London for a month, included are my list of recommendations on what to do, where to eat and where to explore.

 Buckingham (7/10)

American restaurant – wings are a speciality (7.5/10)

Cliche photo booth at Camden (8/10)


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