Loose Fringes

Hey dolls, it’s the fourth week of January. That means time to get lazy and start dressing sloppy, just kidding. I know it’s tough at the moment, trust me. For workers, time to get busy and start prepping to meet the months goal. For students, yes us, if your midterms have not started, go to your professors and ask them What’s up. This week has been so busy, one of my stressful week so far, each day of the week I had something due. Making effort to dress up this week has been challenging because I am always running out of the house immediately I wake up. Also, the challenge of eating clean and going to the gym has not been easy. I managed, although begrudgingly went to the gym 3 times this week instead of 4. On Thursday I completely ate out, from breakfast to dinner, that was one of my tough day. Anyways, on Tuesday was one of my better dress day as I was just settling into the week and here is the outfit. Until next week.

Much Love Darlings 🙂

Hope  you enjoy todays reading.

Sweater – Ardene

Denim Pant – BH Jeans


Costume Necklace – Siren fashion store

Bag –Forever21


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