Hey guys, so this is officially my first blog post, woohoo! So I am going to start with a short story. So I decided to do a big change this year (Very Big) and the name I am going to call it is SHRED FRESH (Lol). I am changing my diet, I am going to loose some few pounds here and there and for the purpose of this post I am quitting all the products I usually use on my face both prescribed and self prescribed and I am going with a Natural/Organic routine.

           So, with regards to my face ,the reason for this change is because it got really bad with all the products i put on it to minimize Acne. Unfortunately I ended up increasing it with potential scarring if i am not careful. So that is why I decided to get the products above and keep a track of what it does to my face. So normally, people put now picture  and later on after picture, but I am going to see and report to you in a month time my progress. Definitely you will see the now picture during the month end. The product list is at the bottom

          Thank you for reading. Much love.

Mask of Magnanimity – Lush

Magical Moringa – Lush

Seaweed Deep Cleanser – The Body Shop

Seaweed Clarifying Toner – The Body Shop

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  1. January 2, 2016 / 10:53 am

    Hi I love your blogs, I’m a new blogger and would love for ylu to check out one of my posts and maybe even follow me? Thanks so much! X

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