You call it overall.

I call it “Pinafour.”

You say it’s pronounced “PIN A FOUR”,

in my Nigerian accent I pronounce it in one word “Pinafour.”

My story behind overall dates back from my elementary and middle school!

I  had to wear the skirt version of pants overall in both schools  and mehn I hated it so much. When the school authorities weren’t in sight, I quickly took the straps off and turned it into a skirt as my small instinct cheered my smart thinking. Push few years ahead and they are in trend.

You know what’s funny? I got them with my own money and how much I adore them (laughs). If you are looking for a smart street style in trend look, why not recreate this style?  

What are your thoughts regarding overalls? Let me know!

What I’m Wearing:

H&M Denim dungarees // H&M T-shirt (Similar) //  Nike Air max



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