Something wild

So in quote, you are telling me you spent more for less material

You got taxed high for a loose fitting unprofessional purposely ripped cloth

We are living in a system were we get billed for less, less for more and blame every other thing on the twenty-first-century. If you know me, you know a lot of my fashion inspiration comes from my being comfortable. As much as I don’t like to confirm my agreeability with the Yeezy and fishnet trend, you will see me rocking it all day if my Mum doesn’t keep questioning me about why I got “another rat-chopped outfit”.  

Distressed jeans are trending and they just keep getting better for the worst and the price for each piece is just too good to be bought and expensive to think about.

 As the self proclaimed Vacation minister of the Nwakanma clan, I bring to you where you can catch me this coming week.

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H&M designed T-shirt//Urban Outfitters Rebel Mom Jeans


Photograph: Latifat Ade

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