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I repeated but never regretted

There are only two things I have repeated in my life or I remember repeating; High-school and Prom. High- school because I was considered underage to be done high-school when I relocated to Canada . Prom, because that was the theme for my program’s Gala.

Now let’s chat more about Prom. It’s that time of the year. Promposals are happening and lads are busy on the hunt or in the process of custom making another yet to be included Cinderella and Prince Charming royal style.

On blogs currently are “if I could go back to prom, I will do these differently”. So when I realized I actually would be going back to prom, I decided to think long and hard of things I did back in 2014 that I wouldn’t do otherwise,

  1. Cinderelish Costume: I am that person that buys my dress literally 30 seconds before a big event and look for things within those seconds to go with it. Why? Because I end up looking like a bag of crushed potato chips when I plan my outfit in advance. For my high-school prom, I wore a peacocky looking Cinderella dress with lots of costumes and glitter. It is very obvious that my 2014 prom was peacocky themed but I  promise you it wasn’t planned. For my 2017 prom, I quickly ditched the flowy dress and  got a spaghetti medium bodied dress. This gives me the freedom to bougie down ( you know what I mean)
  2. Puffy curly hair: I had a sleek straight hair for my prom in ’14 but since this was a 90’s theme I decide to rock an Afro punk cut.
  3. Drive ya self: it’s gonna be a lit night, I get it. But except you smuggle alcohol inside, I’m not sure how you are going to get tipsy with water. But, if you can’t drive or don’t own a car, of course hire a car pickup and make sure you have a lit driver because it’s all about the moments leading to and after prom. You wanna get the full experience. I did the whole chauffeur charade during ’14 so I decided to drive myself this year (it was hella fun)
  4. Get you some dancerholic friends: it’s always a turn up when you are with people you know and wouldn’t really care less about you disgracing yourself to the entire prom attendees. If you go with friends who have to touch their lip every 5seconds, then I don’t know what you got yourself into. I like to dance and have fun, I like to enjoy what I pay for in every bit & pieces, so you know what friends came through  for ’14 & ‘17
  5. Be comfortable: it’s gonna be a long lit night, with hopefully lots of dancing. So be comfortable, especially with your shoes. Yes it’s cute, but the way you working bih looks like you are having a convulsion. Shoes become uncute when you start working wossy in them and trust me when I say I have seen a lot.


What are your pointers for prom? Let me know in your comments below.

What I’m Wearing

Simons Lace dress//Aldo Stessy Shoes (Similar)


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