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Welcome Back!

So, today’s blog post is dedicated to “the bag”.

Now let’s get real.

Some of you might know that I just finished my semester for the year and I’ve been enjoying every bit of byte with my bed (see what I did there?) Let’s continue.

It has been a month of blissful and cordial relationship with my bed, but let’s get real.

During school, I get some pieces of change but now (bleh). So, I realized it was time to stand up and go earn some means of income if I want to continue purchasing and exploring the nicest things and places in Toronto while updating you, my loves!

Literally, why I dedicated this post to my bag is because, {Joke Apart} all the bags I owned failed me this month. Some got ripped, while some just fell into shambles.

This bag! though fragile and gigantic managed to carry my essential items through the past weeks of job hunting and boy did I get that job.

Now, if you don’t understand what I just wrote, don’t worry. I was just practicing some accent I don’t even know exists.

I took to the street one last time during this shoot to recall my bag’s journey. Starting on foot from Eaton centre (The most busiest centre in Canada) all the way to Yonge station.

The weather in Toronto is blessed (Somebody say aiyyy)

Much Love folks <3

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My Wear:

Bag – Forever21

Shoe – HM

Jeans –HM

Top – Old Navy


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