Top Travel Destinations On My 2017 List

Had a Father – Daughter Conversation about two weeks ago

My dad said “Live Life”

One of my biggest goals going forward from 2017 is to travel more. Growing up, I had the privilege  of travelling to tons of new cities within Nigeria thanks to my parents’ hard work, but wondered why we never travelled outside the country. Fast forward few years after my family and I relocated to Canada, I realized what my parents envisioned

 going back to Nigeria would be about visiting family & relatives not touring the country, hence the need to firmly canvass my country while I was a resident there

There are Four destinations on the never ending list that I want to check off in 2017 come what may: Calgary, New York, London, and Israel. 

1. New York! The big apple. I last visited New York in 2015 during our one week mini family vacation. With the short span of a week came soaking up as much NYC itinerary as I could get. Now, I want to visit NYC and enjoy while experiencing as they say the “New Yorker” life. Hoping to hit some cafe spots I’ve been spotting on Instagram lately while letting my creative juices flow in the buzzing and bursting city. 

2. Calgary! I believe there is a whole ‘noda world to the Greater Toronto area and it’s surrounding. Alberta, Vancouver and its surrounding cities have been taled by so many and I wish to experience it. So I’m not sure when this year, but I hope to go experience that speck of the world during my visit to Calgary. 

3. Spontaneity is best told by most out of many as the most surreal moment of their life or the opposite of surreal. I believe everyone needs a real vacation from time to time to getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city we all struggle to survive in. And as spontaneity could offer, I decided to go to Israel. Never in my entire life have I thought of Israel or even knew Israel existed (Forgive me my Israeli friends). But overhearing it and instantly deciding to go there on a whim (without thought) have thought me few things in life and made me open minded to so many things I didn’t know about. For one, my name “Abijah” is a Hebrew name. So how awesome would it be to go to where my name originates from? (cool I think). Also as a christian, how awesome would it be to walk where Jesus sometime in the past must have walked (even cooler). This getaway would allow me to get outside of my comfort zone, outside the city, disconnect from all my devices, and get a dose of the great outdoors jewish experience. I am spontaneously planning a trip to Israel soon and I can’t be more excited to go out there for a 360º change of scene. 

4. London! the old smoke is a city everyone would love to visit and hear the charming British accent of the British. London is Western Europe’s largest city and a powerhouse of commerce, fashion and culture.  I’ve been dreaming of going to London for years, so I decided to channel my typical London look in the photos below and can’t wait to go and link up with some creatives out there.

I love travelling because it takes me out of my daily routines and gives me a fresh perspective. However far or near any trip is, the ability to go out of your normal routine and be energized by the fresh air of another city gives you a fresher approach and look to things. Try it!

Where are you planning on traveling this year? Let me know in your comments below!



  1. April 23, 2017 / 7:18 pm

    You are so good. I’m proud of you.

      April 24, 2017 / 9:20 am

      Thank you 🙂

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