Two Decades




Oh hello! What a month to be organized and busy. Its been a lit summer ya’ll. I can’t believe it’s done in 2 days as I heard back to school. This summer was full of so many activities. I cruised, ate, danced, worked, blogged and overall started my second decade on this planet (p.s my blog title).

On this beautiful day when I stared my second chapter in life, my hair was way to long, I had to cut it ✂. Yasss. So I Cut it, coloured it and took these beautiful photos you all are viewing today.

For my outfit choice I decided to go casuallll that day as I was super lazy. Threw on a stripe crop top and wore my high waisted Jean with a pair of my all star sneakers. And off I went….

Now to elevate this look, all you have to do is put on some stiletto sandal, and pick up your clutch bag and you are ready for a dinner night, date night, party night, you name it.

Ok bye! I have to go look for a blue dress for my boat party tonight🙄😩

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Much love ❤️❤️❤️

Crop Top – F21
Jean Pants – HM


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