Yeezy Season

Posted by Bossip // Picture via adidas

Posted by Sophie Tighe // Picture from Getty

As we wait patiently for Kanye to showcase this years Yeezy  collection at NYFW, I sit down with a cup  of tea in my hand reflecting his past collections. At this time, I am feeling ever more drawn to his collection from the first season.

Its military aspect was key. The collaboration’s first season was noted for its stripped down, ready-to-wear style, which drew on military clothing and flesh-toned colors.[3] Vogue observed a pessimistic aesthetic and “a protective toughness, a body-conscious severity that made the clothes more than a simple accessory.”[3]

With the current politics on hand, and the pessimism taste infiltrated in the air,  this collection makes for a protective wall when worn.


Are you a fan of the first collection? Why or Why not?


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