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Hey folks. Its been a long, long time. You know what it is!

<3 <3 <3

Ok! onto todays post. So my last post was at the end of January and boy has midterms been tough. Last week was so busy and hectic, but I got a chance to sneak in a picture from one of my life’s achievement.

As an Event coordinator for my program club at school, my teammates and I were able to hold one of our university’s largest conference at Mars Discovery District, Downtown Toronto. It was such an epic day. It was also our First time holding it there, so imagine how overwhelming it might have been for us. Companies like Deloitte digital, IBM, Amazon and Buzzfeed were in attendance. And boy does it feel good to be among Top minded individuals and actually networking.

In case you are wondering what I study, I study IT and Digital communication.

In the Picture above is one of My favourites girl. Low-key we love everything about each other.

Hence, we twinning 🙂

Thanks for Reading

More lifestyle stories to come.

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