Brunch Fit

Hello guys, it’s the third week of school. Woohoo! It’s getting difficult; test in few weeks, presentation the following week, assignments the upper week. Also, we want to SHRED FRESH (AKA Me), so it’s getting a little stressful making home food and also going to the gym. But finally, friends are finally back from their vacation, they are not in your program so it’s kinda difficult to meet up and talk about how the holidays was. So finally, it’s time to meet up, I have a 9am class, they have a 1pm class, I am currently in the gym and I just realized I have to go Brunch with the friends. I was about running to the cafeteria with my sweatpants but realized that’s not a good fit. I just couldn’t think much because I have no time. So some joggers which are not sweatpants and some lacy top did the magic.

Much love Darlings 🙂

Hope todays reading is worth your time.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend




Wallet – KateofSpade

Lace top – Similar to Forever 21

Joggers – Similar to Hollister

Sneakers – All Stars



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