I can’t believe it’s January 4th, the day I return to school.

It went down to -15 and that is no excuse to sleep in, the gate of my school remains wide open.

I remained skeptical about what to wear down to the end because I was not ready for school. It was the first day, so I thought that wearing a sneaker would help do all the running errands (buy textbooks, etc.) but it was too cold to put on a sneaker. It’s the first day! I finally realized, it’s the day to impress, First impression matters right? I am meeting new Professors and seeing few students for the first time, but then again it’s cold. So, I decided to go for a relax but chic look. Threw on some comfy winter top and jean and remained chic with my fall boot. And off I go…..

Much love darlings…. 🙂




Hair (Senegalese Twist) – BSW

Top – Bluenotes

Jeans – Forever21

Shoes – H&M.

Jacket – TNA

Backpack – Herschel



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  1. Bia
    January 9, 2016 / 6:46 pm

    This is 👌

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