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From Online to Offline

Social media do connect us to people span the earth

Sometimes those words sound ridiculous when you hear them at first. When someone foreign approaches us through dm’s, texts, emails, chats, etc, the buzzing sensation in us burst into why, what, where and how.

Who are they?

Why are they contacting me?

What do they want from me?

What life do they live?

Where do I arrange to meet them?

How do I figure them out when we meet?


It is good to feel that way, in fact your safety is paramount in everything that you do. But the wonderful news is that the 21st century has brought upon us a world where everyone is inspired to be a creative of some sort. And what better way to  create and share more outstanding projects by brainstorming with other creatives, trying new things, and  indulging yourself into a new environment. That is why for bloggers the saying goes “To blog = To Share, To Connect, To Create, To Inspire!”

On the edition of inspiration collaborations is Lize Okoh popularly known as Lize in London, UK. She is an entrepreneur and editor at

Whilst planning for my brief trip to London, I decided to contact Lize. I was stopping for a short while to visit some places on my to-do list. Out of the few hours I am meant to be there, I thought it would be awesome if I got my creative juices flowing by connecting with creatives such as herself. I contacted her through Instagram and really wasn’t hoping for a response. The last time I tried connecting with some creatives above 1000 miles from where I live, I really didn’t get any positive response and thought to myself, “this thing of meeting from online to offline” is all a big charade. Few hours later Lize proved me wrong! She is an eclectic storyteller and wanderlust of which I found great amusement in and have been following her page for a while. We discussed things and I was obliged when she opted for a joint collab post.

I finally met her in London and correct me if i’m wrong Lize but I felt like we had known each other for a long time. We approached different subjects, had lunch and had fun during our shoot with eyes staring on us as we mount our tripod for a shoot. Finally she took me for a walk down Oxford street to. We exchanged our goodbyes but I can’t wait to see her again!

Social media is really a beautiful tool in this 21st Century. Yes it do leads to Positive vibes!

What is Lize’s own side of the story? Find out on

Have you connected with someone online recently? Let me know about your interaction and experience below in the comment box!


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