Cheers to the first series of my month favorites. While I have already purchased some, Voila! is this month’s Lust Listt with all of the different things that I’ve had my eyes on. I would appreciate your kind gesture (wink, wink).

  1. Love Story – Sephora | $112.00
    It’s the month of Love and sharing of love, this bottle epitomizes the true story of love. Floral, fresh, and sexy, Love Story is the new unforgettable essence of seduction from Chloé.
  2. Wrapover Dress – HM | $34.99

    I’ve been drooling over the suede feel of this dress  for the past one week. In less than 15 days I will be in Montreal, what better place to rock this dress in the city of saints (winks).

  3. One Handle Flap Bag – Louis Vuitton | $2705
    This bag is elegant but chic. It’s simple form makes it a perfect daily companion.
  4. Cross Body Bag – Zara | $139.00

    With a Reptile-texture leather flap and faux-fur finish you cannot go wrong.

  5. Stretch Leather Ankle Boots– Zara | $119.00
    Spot that mustard looking shoes.  They make an appearance. And yes, they are visible.
  6. Biker Jacket – Zara | $159.00
    First off, Zara is giving me life as of late. Lets face it, it is super cold in Cad., but it is almost spring time. So it is time to toss that chunky parka of yours and start prepping for spring wear. This jacket springs you (get that? yes/no) but keeps you warm from the fluctuating weather conditions.
  7. Brocade Full Skirt – Simons | $39.95 (sale)
    I live and ride for full skirts, this design is amazing.
  8. Sweater – Zara| $119.00
    Spring is here, and I’m spotting embroidery trend. I find this not too overwhelming
  9. Denim Skirt – Simons| $78.00
    Embroidery gives me life.

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