Back and feeling inspired from my hiatus!!!

Its been a while. While I have been battling with adjusting myself to soar high in school and other priorities (life after school) I realized this post was way overdue.

2016!!! Looking back since we are almost at the end of the year, I’m grateful for so many things; Meeting new people from online to offline, understanding what drives me to creating a digital influence and overall coming to terms (not completely) of what my aesthetic would potentially be.

From finishing a 5-7pm exams, creating a short video for a Marc Jacob competition to sprinting and jumping all obstacles to catch the next flight back home on time, this year couldn’t have giving me more high blood pressure than I already had.

In the midst of all these pressures, Romwe collection couldn’t pick a better time than this to gift me this ecstatic piece. From looking for a comfy wear to the exams to finding a warm but breathable piece of item to transition from Canada to Nigeria’s 30c weather.

While sitting on my wooden comfy chair all soaked in heat here in Nigeria, here’s to hoping for a fruitful and more productive 2017. Until the new year. Stay warm!!!

What I’m Wearing

Romwe oversized Sweater// Public desire – Aliana//


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