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Hello Lovelies! Its been quite a while. Sorry for my inconsistency, this break from school gat me resting up a lot.

So, the post of today’s title was copied from the H&M and Zara collection of – I am denim. I decided to retouch this creative collection and style mine the – Inconsistent denim indicating my inconsistent blog posts, which is about to change and be consistent.

I went out on this day to soak on some sun while shielding my self from the chilly wind. I decided to use this beautiful alleyway that beam rays of sunlight after the inconsistent weather that Toronto has been having lately.

I walked out of the house wearing my denim shirt and trouser with a pair of my all-star sneakers. I opted for a casual look as I was feeling to lazy and bed-drawn to don on something chic and fancy.

During the shoot, I was confused of how I wanted to style my casual look. Hence, the tuck in photo and the untuck photo.

The inconsistence in the photos indicates the event that is being attended and how you want to dress it. To stroll with friends, you can leave it untucked. An impromptu Bruch, you can tuck the denim shirt on and since that day was chilly, wear a Carmel coat in colour –Tan.

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Thanks for Reading!

Better things are yet to come

Much love <3


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