once you go black

on a white coloured street she makes her appearance;

poised with elegance, she unveils in black.

 though the future is bleak, she keeps her head high above the waters;

for a dreamer, nights the only time of the day,

for a realist, each second of a minute counts!

Black! Ever since I could remember picking my own items for my mom to buy them they were only black. It got to an extent when my mom prevented me from buying black and I had to recycle my whole wardrobe of black and started falling for prints. Ever since I started working last year, my work demand wearing all black most of the time and I found myself but again shopping for black items with an excuse.

Black outfits make you look smart, eloquent, authentic and chic. Because of its bold nature, you can literally wear all hand-me down and still look smart. Reason why 80% of the student population wear black is because we all wanna look hella cute but we gat no time and money to get so much clothes. So why not opt for black that would make you standout and would not be too visible to dirts.

Now you may be asking yourself…Can all black outfits do the trick? Certainly! Just combine them well.  After my trolling session on Pinterest and Instagram  I walked into Zara, came across this Biker Jacket, made a beeline to the cash station without trying it on because I knew I had find the coverall of all imperfect black outfits I plan on styling.




Once you go Black you can hardly go Back, Try it!

What I’m Wearing:

Zara Biker Jacket // H&M Sleeveless Knitwear ( Asos Similar) // Topshop Black Ripped jean // Dr Martens 


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