the way she moves is effortlessly priceless, as her feet make a click for a clack, so her audiences cheer on.

she must be  unique, she rarely repeats clothes, her world is so poised that imperfection doesn’t have a meaning in her world!

everything she does is white coloured perfection.

brands follow her up and down waiting for her selection,

her followers raggedly rush back home to scramble the 1000 post feed in their square elongated machine to await her yet elaborated white aesthetic post!


A word we humans are not but tend to attain every minute by the second. It is so easy to want to be “perfect” but impossible to get done. Ever since I went into college and finally understood what I was studying, I decided to go online and create content. But the question was what content can I create? I wasn’t artistic or creative, so for the longest time (a year) I battled with what I wanted to create.

After a year of brainstorming, I decide to create all contents ranging from food, beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel in hopes to find out which I could do best. I started out with uploading fashion contents using my Samsung phone at the time  (I was that first year, that had bright orange pants) but my biggest mistake was comparing my work to other successful bloggers from time to time and constantly lamenting on how their audience increased because they had the right equipments and as a result I lack interest in blogging hence no blog post. Meanwhile on the other hand, I was the one preaching to my friends who wanted to go digital about how they can’t hope to be perfect at first, how they have to start small and make adjustments as they learn and improve.

I came to a realization sooner thankfully, that my first blog post cannot be a world Guinness record. Hence I realized 5 things:

  1. Create content don’t force content: don’t go coffee tasting if you are not a fan. Because other bloggers do it, you don’t necessarily have to do it. What you create should have a reflection of who you are and not what other bloggers are. The beautiful photographer who took this pictures has a website about tips and tricks for more blogging info.
  2. Get uncomfortable to become comfortable: if you can’t stand on top of a café chair to take a photo of your recent coffee purchase goodbye (not really, stay). You have to learn to do odd things or be the odd one around your friends. Everything you do 90% of your time has to be creatively feasible. You should be that person that spot a brick wall and have to  take a picture with onlookers glaring at you.
  3. Spend money: one thing I didn’t think of doing was spending my money. So whose money was I thinking of spending? (Question) in order to create content, you have to have the right materials, in other to get those materials money has to be used. Hence, I needed to spend.
  4. Create time: we are all busy. My favourite line is “I am busy” but really why do you want to create content if you don’t have time to create one. Thinking of the content you plan on creating and then using 2 hours in a week to create that content can be a start.
  5. Meet with other creatives: one thing that has surely helped me to make a comeback to the digital creating world is people I have met over the past few months. Their tips and advice has been very generous. Next time, why don’t you look for someone who inspires you and reach out to them for a coffee date?


Thanks for reading today’s segment, let’s start off to a good year!!


What I’m Wearing:

Zara Camouflage Parka (Similar) // HM Textured Knit jumper (Similar)  // Public Desire Knee boots //


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