A process by which individuals through the means of sunlight synthesize living from hope, determination and energy.

I have those days were I just question it. Am I doing okay? Am I doing enough? What if one day, I wake up, and realize that there is no growth potential? Then what?

Blogging as a full-time career is a dream to me; is it possible to attain that? I’ve scored on some few perks and parcels here and there, however, it’s also unbelievably scary at times. Terrifying! I must say. The urge to create contents that are original and are not better version of the already made 1,000,000 posts as such.  I’ve had those moments where I just wonder, “What would I do if I reach a creative block?” And then you see people climb at this incredible rate and you can’t help but compare yourself to that. Is it even real? How did that happen? Why isn’t it happening to me? And after one too many days spent fretting about the numbers, over analyzing my situation, even putting myself down, I realized how much it began to affect my work and how I was feeling about myself. I had to stop comparing myself to others, no matter how difficult that could be.

It’s difficult to maintain that kind of confidence in an industry that is so competitive and constantly changing. Sometimes I feel on top of the world, and other days, I’ll feel like I’ve hit rock bottom. Like I just can’t keep up and need to take a break from something that can easily feel so saturated. Well it’s only the beginning for me. I started this blog to share my lifestyle growth and hopefully you can find ways to learn and be inspired from.

With Love



Zara Jumpsuit dress//Aldo Clutch//Aldo Similar


Photography: Ayomide

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