Fashion Favourite: Solo’s_Lenses SII Vintage Gold Edition

One of the outerwear pieces I’ve been wearing a lot recently is this classic frames from Solo’s_Lenses called the SII Gold Vintage Lenses 

The SII-Vintage-lenses is the second collection from this rising Toronto locale. This recent collection of vintage lenses that are framed with special gold specs was developed by the brand in the early hours of 2017. Not only does the frame coating add an eye-catching sheen to the lenses, but it also makes it waterproof and durable. On rainy or snowy days, this is convenient to say the least!

However, the main reason why I fell in love with this frames is because it sits comfortably on my face and enhances my face structure while protecting my teary eye from weather conditions that tends to interfere with my sight whenever I am walking down the street to catch my bus, which makes it perfect to wear throughout fall, early winter and well into spring. If you look closely you’ll notice this poncho from zara give this frame the perfectly vintagey scheme it is produced to be.

Solo’s_lenses is an investment worth every penny. The craftsmanship is amazing and the pricing make their piece complete.

What are some of your current favourite lenses?


SII Gold Frames // Jacquard Coat // Cashmere blended turtleneck // Wood Tote bag // OTK boots


Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Solo's_Lenses, hence the thoughts, opinions and photos are mine

Photographer: @notyck

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