Travel With Drunk Elephant

Travelling, especially with a carry-on, can be a huge pain in the butt when it comes to packing skin care and beauty products for the go.


To be honest I’m not a fan of taking my skincare products because they are usually in big size bottles and I just can’t get it to take my bag space. So I couldn’t be happier that Drunk Elephant offers these miniature samples. Drunk Elephant is an online store that offers luxury skin care and beauty products that are all TSA approved. You can pick a kit set for $100. This means you don’t have to settle for drug store products and you can travel with a cult skin care. As I mentioned in my previous skin care post, I don’t think travelling is an excuse to slack on your beauty routine. I think especially in my case to step up your beauty routine.

  I took them with me on my trip! And I must say, they never disappoint.

When Traveling, Do you use the same products, or purchase travel sizes from brands you’ve never used before?

Let me know in the comments below!


Drunk Elephant Store // Sephora


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