Wheat Nubuck

YAS, that is the color of today’s look.

This week mark my second week back at school. Some of you just began this week (welcome to the struggle).  With an over packed timetable and the weather deteriorating, it must be hard to figure what outfit to wear. Let’s be real, it is so cold, all you want to probably do Is stuff your inside with clothes and then put on a nice parka jacket and leave the house, I understand, I have been there and not saying I wont ever be there again. But since it is only the second week, lets remain chic for as long as we can.

What do you think about that?

Look: I checked my phone, it is -10 degree Celsius. I peeped through my room window, it is snowing non-stop. I looked at my wardrobe, what can I wear? For some reason I don’t believe that timbers go along with all clothes, so I struggled to find a cloth that will fit the shoes while keeping an eye for an outfit that will make me comfy and hot. And this is what I found…

Much love Darlings 🙂

Hope you enjoy todays reading.

Please ask and share some thoughts with me

Denim shirt – Similar to (American Eagle)

Denim Pant – BH Jeans

Timbers – Timberland

Scarves – HM

Socks – Roots



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